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ClearBlade Edge Buckets integrated with Google cloud to offer edge data storage

ClearBlade Edge Buckets integrated with Google cloud to offer edge data storage

ClearBlade has announced a technology partnership with Google Cloud for ClearBlade’s Edge Buckets into the Google Cloud Storage service. The ClearBlade Edge Bucket feature allows for critical edge files coming from connected devices and machine processes to rapidly be stored into cloud file storage and available for use by other enterprise business processes. The feature is available out of the box for users of ClearBlade and Google Cloud to move IoT and Edge generated videos, images, audio, and logs into their cloud file storage.

Google Cloud Storage is the offering to store any file type of any size in Google Cloud. With built in permissions and encryption of all stored files turned on by default it offers a safe location for business critical IoT binary file data. For businesses to build AI models, produce traceability reports and have proof of function for liability reasons data generated at edge locations must be stored for long periods of time. In turn this data must be rapidly accessible for review and analysis. The ClearBlade Edge bucket feature makes moving these files from edge gateways as simple as using your personal cloud drive with its folder auto-synch capability. Developers using storage buckets are able to transparently move files across a complex network of distributed devices with a simple configuration parameter. With a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99% and built in disaster recovery, customers can rely on Google Cloud to protect and recover their data.

“With the ClearBlade Edge Buckets customers now have a simple way to move all IoT generated videos, images, logs and audio files to their enterprise cloud,” explains Eric Simone Founder and CEO, ClearBlade. “The console makes management straightforward for defining security policies and having a predictable cost structure. The offering is a major value to companies that are attempting to digitize their businesses by having a better understanding of what is happening in the field.”

This partnership brings the widely adopted Google Cloud Storage Buckets capability together with ClearBlade’s Edge platform to enable rapid deployment of highly configurable, enterprise grade IoT solutions that create and stream many terabytes of file data. The result is a rapidly scaled IIoT solution, with all the tools necessary to manage an unbounded and growing dataset. Google Cloud Storage with ClearBlade’s software platform lets enterprises scale IoT solutions to millions of devices and distribute that information without complexity or risk.

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