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CityFibre taps into Telco Systems’ edge computing portfolio for next-generation network

CityFibre taps into Telco Systems’ edge computing portfolio for next-generation network

CityFibre, a UK-based network provider, has announced that it selected Telco Systems for use of their open hybrid edge compute platform, Edgility. CityFibre plans to use the Edgility technology to expand its offerings and better serve its customers.

With this partnership, CityFibre can deploy and manage hundreds of thousands of edge devices and virtual services at scale across multiple locations using Edgility’s zero-touch provisioning system. Additionally, the platform will allow CityFibre to streamline and simplify its operations while reducing costs and carbon emissions.

David Tomalin, Group CTO of CityFibre, expressed his enthusiasm for the new system, saying, “This deal moves CityFibre further down the line to realizing our vision for a fully virtualized network. Edgility will enable us to efficiently manage vast numbers of physical edge devices, which will be critical as our network rollout continues to scale.”

As part of its nationwide Full Fibre network rollout, CityFibre will deploy Edgility across the UK. Edgililty’s small-footprint white-box and multi-purpose appliances will replace CityFibre’s legacy customer edge devices and Edgility will fully manage them. The new technology will enable virtualized networking and security services such as Voice Over IP, SD-WAN, and Next Generation Firewall. Telco Systems will receive a recurring license fee plus hardware sales worth $3.5M over five years for the initial deployment of 2,000 sites as part of CityFibre’s expanding network.

CityFibre has the goal of providing full fiber connectivity to 8 million homes and 800,000 small enterprises and businesses in the UK. CityFibre is looking to expand its array of available services by utilizing on-prem edge devices as a starting point for new value-added additions.

Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems, commented on the partnership, saying, “Edgility empowers CityFibre to begin its network virtualization journey with an advanced edge compute infrastructure capable of running and effortlessly adding multiple innovative value-added services over hundreds of thousands of disaggregated edge devices.”

This contract comes shortly after CityFibre’s announcement of their intention to pilot Edgility for improved virtualization capabilities throughout their network in July of this year. It illustrates their trust in the company’s ability to not only deliver a solution that is both nimble and adaptable, but also one that will create notable power, cost, and efficiency advantages.

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