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Carnival Corporation makes major investment in Microsoft edge tech

Carnival Corporation makes major investment in Microsoft edge tech

Carnival Corporation has recently made a significant investment in edge technology. The company says it will be able to offer more advanced technological services on its ships and facilitate more effective crew training and data analytics.

The company has installed Microsoft Azure edge technologies on the Costa Toscana, a Mediterranean ship designed like a “smart city.” They have also installed this technology on the Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, both of which travel to Antarctica and other locations.

The ships now have Azure Stack HCI, a combination of hardware and software that links the Azure cloud to physical locations. Additionally, the ships are utilizing Azure Arc. This platform allows guests and crew to use data they already have or will generate on the edge.

This new approach will allow them to streamline and unify their operations by having a standardized way of deploying architecture across all the Carnival brands with consistent service, maintenance and cybersecurity. The company says this will create a unified platform that provides an efficient and secure environment for the future.

The upgraded technologies will allow Carnival Corporation to manage crew rotations better, pay, leave and training. For example, the tech overhaul will enable crew members to commence training programs on one ship and continue them on another without restarting the process.

The company also plans to make more intelligent use of the 10 million pieces of data generated daily by its fleet. To achieve this, the company’s Neptune software application is currently being upgraded with Azure IoT Edge capabilities. Neptune software application captures and analyzes various shipboard data such as navigation, radar, location, speed, engine conditions and emissions. Carnival Corporation is utilizing Azure IoT Edge to upgrade the system so real-time data signals can be reported to track and analyze performance.

For example, Carnival Corporation’s fleet operation centers can monitor and analyze critical onboard factors, such as environmental systems, while displaying each vessel’s location on a global map.

Further, Carnival notes that it now must appeal to a younger, tech-savvy crowd of travelers who expect the same cloud connectivity available at landlocked resorts. He states that investing in technology allows these expectations to be met and keeps cruise companies competitive with other vacation options.

According to Carnival, the technology allows it to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry, including staying up-to-date with the latest trends, anticipating customer needs and providing seamless experiences for guests.

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