Broadpeak ties up with MobiledgeX to help build edge CDNs

Broadpeak ties up with MobiledgeX to help build edge CDNs

Broadpeak Plc., a developer of technology for content delivery and video streaming, said that its virtualized BroadCache Box application is working on MobiledgeX’s edge cloud. Broadpeak has been testing its caching technology on the MobiledgeX platform to demonstrate the ability to efficiently scale delivery of video over 5G networks.

The combination of virtualized video streaming software and edge servers can cut video-delivery costs and improve the experience of mobile video delivered over 5G networks, according to Broadpeak. This is done by moving content closer to end-users before delivering it over wireless networks to their devices.

The principal is the same as that used by today’s CDNs, except that video files are being placed on servers that are closer to cell towers. Most CDNs deliver content from large data centers that are 50 to 80 milliseconds away from the user, while a mobile edge cloud architecture might place files within 5 to 10 milliseconds away.

MobiledgeX CTO Sunay Tripathi is quoted in a press release saying that the aim is to put “the ultra-high quality” video service that people get at home on their mobile devices.

Video plus public edge cloud equals home run?

Broadpeak and MobileedgeX are hoping that they are hitting with the wind. According to the 2020 State of the Edge report (now an LF Edge project), consumer applications – defined in the report as 4G and 5G consumer mobile and smart home uses – will outweigh all other uses for the edge by 2028.

Online video, gaming and AR/VR applications being among the leading use cases for edge cloud services. In terms of power consumption, the edge IT footprint for mobile and residential consumers will hit 16,938 MW and 10,843 MW, respectively, by 2028.

From the perspective of opportunity for the hardware and software to underpin media and entertainment uses of public edge cloud services from vendors like MobiledgeX, a recent report from Analysys Mason forecasts that spending on such services will total $33.7 billion by 2025 compared to $3.1 billion in 2020. The media and entertainment market segment is expected to account for at least $2.5 billion of additional spending on edge cloud services in 2025.

Broadpeak not alone in the edge video space

Broadpeak has a long history of providing hardware and software to companies building out video delivery services. The company started life as a spin-off from Technicolor, a long-time innovator in the media industry. Broadpeak’s work on running virtualized video caching servers on 5G networks represents a logical extension of its work in broadcast and online video delivery.

That being said, there are quite a few competitors hoping to provide the building blocks of next-gen video and gaming services that use 5G networks. Sweden-based Edgeware recently announced a cloud-based CDN solution that is based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) standards, meaning that deployment in mobile operator environments is a possibility.

Another established player in mobile edge computing, Saguna Networks, counts companies like Akamai Technologies, the leading player in the CDN market, as an investor. Saguna provides Multi-access Edge (MEC) solutions for mobile operators and has partnered with companies like GridRaster, a developer of AR/VR applications and content.

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