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Blues Wireless launches global partnership program to accelerate IoT development

Blues Wireless launches global partnership program to accelerate IoT development

Blues Wireless, an IoT edge-to-cloud solution, announced its global partnership program. With this program, organizations get reduced rates for Blues Wireless products and access to developer expertise and support resources so they can deliver IoT solutions up to ten times faster and at lower overall cost, the company said.

The company expects the program will help solution integrators and product design consultancies deliver large-scale global IoT solutions efficiently. The company believes that most enterprise-scale IoT projects fail because of technical complexity, operational costs and lack of expertise. However, with the Blues Wireless edge-to-cloud infrastructure, developers can use APIs to fetch sensor and controller data for any cloud application.

Pulsar Labs, a provider of IoT and GNSS products, is among the first to partner with Blues Wireless. Pulsar Labs believes in the technology offered to its enterprise IoT clients. “Working with Blues Wireless, our team has designed and shipped many IoT products that weren’t possible before, such as a GPS tracker with ten years of battery life and an AI-powered IoT node with camera and sensors,” said Dan Wang, owner of Pulsar Labs Inc.

There are several benefits to being part of the Blues Wireless global partnership program, including:

  • Expert support: In-house IoT experts are industry leaders who can help you at every stage of development and delivery.
  • Custom delivery solutions: Any MCU in a customer’s edge device may be connected to any cloud app.
  • Enterprise-level engineering: Blues Wireless offers secure, global connectivity for high-scale deployments. With our customer solution, you can connect an unlimited number of devices and products.
  • Increased ROI: Partners can use our cellular connectivity and consumption-based pricing to complete projects ten times faster and at a significantly less cost.

“With Blues, we are able to focus on the data and the engagement layer of a solution — all of the infrastructure required to get data from a remote edge device to the application layer is handled through Blues Notecard and Notehub,” said Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO of TheoremOne. “This allows us to deliver solutions faster and at a scale not possible before.”

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