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Betacom, Google Cloud to deploy 5G-as-a-Service for GDC Edge customers

Betacom, Google Cloud to deploy 5G-as-a-Service for GDC Edge customers

Google Cloud’s private network solution portfolio for GDC Edge is built on several partnerships, with Betacom being one of the key pieces needed to deliver a private 5G network in the United States. As part of the joint effort, the collaboration will accelerate enterprise deployment of private cellular network technologies for evolving Industry 4.0 applications, the companies said.

Betacom 5G-as-a-Service is an end-to-end private wireless service that will enable businesses within the United States to access cost-efficient and high-performance private 5G networks. With Betacom 5GaaS, enterprises can get access to a private wireless solution with a reliable network offering improved bandwidth and low latency. The company has already been providing private wireless services to industries across the manufacturing, airlines, and warehousing sectors.

“Betacom has deep experience in wireless networking design and deployment, and we are enthusiastic about its participation in our new private networks solutions portfolio on Google Distributed Cloud Edge,” said Tanuj Raja, global director, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Private 5G networks are critical to innovation in the United States, and our joint efforts to streamline their delivery will ensure that companies of all sizes have access to high-quality solutions.”

Betacom 5G-as-a-Service is designed with enterprise-grade security, turnkey managed service, high-speed private connection, and unlimited usage, executives say. The solution integrates cloud-based Security and Service Operations Center (SSOC) built on Zero Trust design rules. The technology is equipped with cloud-based applications that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor the network and respond to threats in real-time. Through SIMs and multifactor authentication, Betacom ensures that authorized devices are allowed to get access inside the private network.

Betacom 5GaaS enables enterprise digital transformation through high-performance private network connectivity to allow businesses to get control over the data and network infrastructure. The private network solution is designed to reduce the engineering efforts needed by enterprise IT teams by providing the tools and technical expertise required to manage the network with complete visibility.

“Google has been at the forefront of shared spectrum access in the United States from the beginning and has a strong leadership position in the development and deployment of Google Distributed Cloud Edge across the globe,” said Johan Bjorklund, CEO of Betacom. “We are pleased to be one of the initial partners that Google Cloud is working closely with to deliver its new private networks solutions portfolio on Google Distributed Cloud Edge, and look forward to working with our joint customers to support their Industry 4.0 initiatives.”

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