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Avassa’s edge platform set to enhance Floatel International’s offshore operations

Avassa’s edge platform set to enhance Floatel International’s offshore operations

Floatel International, a provider of offshore floating hotels, has selected Avassa’s edge platform to manage its on-premises container lifecycle operations. This move, supported by their long-term managed service provider Xenit, aims to modernize Floatel’s operations through containerized workloads and enhance the management of their edge container applications across their fleet.

Known for delivering offshore floatels capable of enduring harsh conditions in deep waters, Floatel International faced challenges in running container applications in remote locations, according to the company. The company says it is now using Avassa’s edge platform with the assistance of Xenit, a managed service provider based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Karl Linder, IT manager at Floatel International, expresses satisfaction with Avassa’s technology, emphasizing its effectiveness in simplifying complex problems and the smooth collaboration between Xenit and Avassa throughout the project.

Avassa truly makes a quite complex problem, impressively easy to solve. We are very excited by the potential for faster innovation, and look forward to expanding our use of containerized workloads in the future,” Linder adds.

Xenit has managed the lifecycle of Floatel’s container applications remotely, from deployment and versioning to monitoring and security. Floatel chose Avassa’s edge platform for its secure management capabilities.

“Avassa allows us to set up the container orchestration without having to involve the Kubernetes experts at Xenit, which would have been a significantly bigger project for Floatel,” says Simon Gottschlag, CTO of Co-native (Xenits parent company).

“The Avassa edge platform makes container application lifecycle management, a not altogether trivial thing, extremely comprehensive and user-friendly.”

Avassa’s edge platform includes offline capabilities, remote deployment and versioning, and scalable day two operations.

Josefin Boman, support engineer at Xenit, adds: “Avassa has made container application implementation at Floatel’s remote on-prem IT operations a breeze. Their user experience is exceptional, and their support has been invaluable during the planning and rollout phases.”

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