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Australian firm adds funding for edge data center deployments

Australian firm adds funding for edge data center deployments

A relatively new edge data center market entrant has emerged on the Australian continent. The company, Leading Edge Data Centres (LEDC) has a new round of funding to go with a number of new deployments of its products.

The following company briefing has been made available through our partnership with Structure Research, an independent research and consulting firm with a focus on the cloud, edge and data center markets.

Details: LEDC secured a A$20m investment from ASX-listed firm Washington H. Soul Pattinson as well as another undisclosed investment amount as part of the SparkLabs Cultiv8 2020 accelerator group. The goal is to fund the development of a regional edge data center network in New South Wales (NSW) in local areas surrounding Sydney.

LEDC plans to deploy more than 20 data centers with the goal of providing faster Internet speeds and direct cloud connectivity for underserved regional areas. The company is currently in the pre-leasing phase for its Newcastle and Tamworth sites in New South Wales. The sites are expected to be ready by end of year, with the initial rollout starting with 75-rack Edge Hubs across NSW.

LEDC’s edge hubs are pre-fabricated data centers (though not in shipping containers) and built locally off-site in Newcastle with 8-, 30- or 75-rack configurations available.

Angle: The thesis behind edge data centers is to enable faster compute by locally hosting applications closer to end users. This also helps take the load out of the existing backhaul networks and reduces network latency. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for these edge data centers to support the new remote work dynamic caused by the pandemic as the global workforce shifts from centralized working hubs into more distributed ones that combines homes with traditional offices.

Jabez Tan, Head of Research, Structure Research

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