Australian car dealer and edge data centers? LEDC customer says its a win-win for cost, performance

Australian car dealer and edge data centers? LEDC customer says its a win-win for cost, performance

JT Fossey, a leading car dealership based in Tamworth, have recently upgraded their telecommunications services, and have achieved vastly improved internet speeds. Incredibly, they are paying one third of what they were previously paying for their network connection.

According to the announcement, the new cost-effective network design could not have been achieved without the launch of Leading Edge Data Centres (LEDC) in Tamworth. LEDC is Australia’s first dedicated regional data center and network provider, with a mission to Bridge the Digital Divide between regional and metro to ensure Australia’s Regional cities have equitable access to telecommunications, network and cloud services so they can compete on a world stage.

The new Tamworth data center opened in September and provides LEDC customers with a secure location to house their servers and IT infrastructure and access fast internet and cloud providers. By becoming a customer, local business gain access to a full ecosystem of IT services, such as Managed Service Providers, Telcos and Cloud providers. As a customer of LEDC, JT Fossey was able to access this ecosystem to achieve the results they required.

JT Fossey were struggling to achieve the network speeds required to run their business and felt they were paying exorbitant rates for a sub-standard service. They were running three sites with two separate networks with 10 Mbps links for voice and 50 Mbps links for data. The new network provides a single 200 Mbps connection to each site with shared 300 Mbps for internet service. The result is internet speeds four times faster – with a cost 70% less than what they were paying with their previous provider.

JT Fossey IT Manager Angus Collins realized the value of a local data center and high-speed network could bring to the business. Collins said, “With a local data centre, I can build and create the configuration I need for our business’ needs and architecture, access the speed, stability and security that we require, all while eliminating the cost of downtime, maintenance, and corporate overhead.

“For our company, edge computing is important, specifically in the speed and security sectors. Having a fast and private fibre interlink between our three sites enables me to be able to manage computers, users, and services on a much larger scale, and allows for a lot more room for expansion, and the security to transfer and store sensitive, and highly critical data off site, in a secure facility with the ability to know exactly where my Data is being stored.”

The new network was designed and deployed by local Managed Service Provider – Toim Technology. Toim worked with Angus to develop a unique solution to his challenges and a holistic solution spanning connectivity, voice and security is in the works to modernise the business’ technology environment. Toim leveraged fibre links from Encoo Communications, a telecommunications aggregator and a customer within LEDC’s Galaxy Ecosystem. John Sullivan, Encoo Communication’s Partner Manager said, “We are proud to be able to support Regional businesses to enable their growth. As a telco aggregator, we are a key step in connecting our customers to the network. LEDC has been an integral part of enabling this to happen and Encoo are proud to be part of this journey.”

Chris Thorpe, LEDC’s Founder and CEO understands the struggles that local companies find to do business online every day. Thorpe says, “The opening of the LEDC facility in Tamworth brings new technologies, new providers and drives fiercer market competition which local business can benefit from by way of receiving superior services at better rates than before – much more on par with Metro counterparts. Running cloud native businesses with advanced technology requirements is now much more achievable and affordable for the local Tamworth region.”

The data center facilities can be used by any business who is currently managing their infrastructure on site. Many industries will benefit, including Health, Agriculture, Government, and Enterprise who will be able to use the technology hubs for delivery of enhanced service to businesses in regional areas, including IoT devices, AI, Voice-over IP, Edge computing and Cloud-based technologies.

LEDC has opened data centers in Newcastle and Tamworth, with Dubbo opening next month and an additional 20 sites in progress.

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