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Arrcus enhances AI and HPC data center networking with Ultra Ethernet Consortium membership

Arrcus enhances AI and HPC data center networking with Ultra Ethernet Consortium membership

Arrcus, a hyperscale networking software company, has recently joined the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC). The UEC, an initiative by the Linux Foundation, focuses on developing advanced Ethernet technologies for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HPC (High Performance Computing) applications.

The UEC is a collaborative effort to address the demands of AI and HPC workloads on data center networks. It focuses on high performance, low latency and scalable interconnects for data movement and processing.

Arrcus is partnering with the UEC to share its expertise in advanced networking technologies, including Leaf-Spine Fabric Architecture and support for high-speed Ethernet interfaces. They say they are dedicated to collaborating with other UEC members to develop and standardize Ethernet technologies for AI and HPC applications.

Shekar Ayyar, the chairperson and CEO at Arrcus, says: “The UEC’s mission to create an open, interoperable, and high-performance Ethernet ecosystem aligns perfectly with our own goals at Arrcus, and we are confident that our participation will help to accelerate innovation in this critical area.”

Arrcus says it brings its solutions, including the ACE-AI, to the Ultra Ethernet Consortium. Based on ArcOS, the company says this networking solution optimizes distributed GPU and compute resources for AI/ML workloads. The company also offers next-generation data center networking architectures in hybrid/multi-cloud connectivity and 5G transport.

Alan Weckel, the founder and technology analyst at 650 Group, LLC, says: “As GenAI becomes more widespread, operators need to evolve their networks to meet the demands for ultra-high bandwidth while ensuring lossless and predictable connectivity. Ethernet has the potential to deliver these benefits in a cost-effective manner.”

Arrcus also actively participates in industry initiatives like the Open Grid Alliance (OGA), which aims to re-architect the internet to empower next-gen applications and global scalability.

The Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC), part of the Linux Foundation’s Joint Development Foundation, says it is revolutionizing Ethernet for AI and HPC. UEC collaborates with companies to develop specifications and APIs that enhance performance, scalability and interoperability.

Earlier this year, Arrcus and Equinix partnered to deploy the FlexMCN Multi-Cloud Network solution on Equinix Metal. This solution tackles network slicing challenges, which play a vital role in adopting 5G connectivity. A hyperscale overlay network connects Equinix’s bare metal infrastructure to public and private clouds.

The company believes the solution will assist enterprise customers in creating 5G-enabled applications like industrial automation and augmented/virtual reality. The company says this technology offers low latency and high bandwidth for applications such as remote surgery.

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