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Arctos Labs, Lytn unite to offer proactive edge and network intelligence

Arctos Labs, Lytn unite to offer proactive edge and network intelligence

Arctos Labs and Lytn have announced a collaboration to provide users with an improved experience using 5G edge compute facilities. This technology will enable them to make accurate predictions and move computations closer to the user’s data to enhance customer satisfaction and help reduce operational costs.

Mats Eriksson, CEO of Arctos Labs, said: “We truly share the vision of enabling greater observability and intelligence in a distributed and interconnected compute layer with the folks at Lytn and are therefore thrilled to work together.”

Lytn is a “Prediction Engine” platform that observes application data flow and uses advanced deep learning and real-time data to self-learn every customer’s unique environment. The company says the SaaS platform anticipates changes in usage and predicts the future to address issues before they negatively impact the business.

Arctos Labs says it optimizes workloads distribution across an edge-to-cloud continuum by taking candidate compute locations, their utilization and other metrics into account and how those locations are interconnected. The optimization function is model driven to adapt to various optimization scenarios. The optimization is AI-powered and can also embrace business parameters, such as cost or revenues, the company says.

According to both companies, the partnership helps companies navigate the complexity of cloud migration, edge computing, SD-WAN, SASE, 5G and other new technologies. With greater capabilities related to observability and predictions, as well as decision support, businesses can make decisions in a dynamic environment.

Etienne Coulon, president at Lytn, commented: “By combining the two solutions, we create a foundation for pro-actively managing and optimizing an enterprise IT infrastructure,” says Etienne Coulon, the president of Lytn.

Arctos Labs was recently recognized as one of the top 100 edge companies by STL partners.

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