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AlwaysAI partners with UC San Diego professor to propel computer vision tech forward

AlwaysAI partners with UC San Diego professor to propel computer vision tech forward

Computer vision solutions provider alwaysAI has partnered with Dr. Gabriel Silva, a neuroscience and machine learning expert at the University of California San Diego. Together, they aim to advance computer vision technology and solutions.

Dr. Silva’s work focuses on understanding the brain as an engineered system and applying this knowledge to advance next-generation machine learning and inference. His research on vision processing and object recognition pushes computer vision and machine learning boundaries, alwaysAI says.

“This collaboration will allow us to harness the extraordinary academic and engineering talent in San Diego to create practical computer vision applications that drive incredible value to our customers,” says Marty Beard, the co-founder and CEO of alwaysAI.

Dr. Silva serves as the J. Robert Beyster endowed chair in engineering. He is the founding director of the Center for Engineered Natural Intelligence. Also, Professor Silva holds the position of Associate Director at the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind. He also contributes to the field of neuroscience through his writing for Forbes. Dr. Silva also has several co-invented patents and is the founder or co-founder of multiple startup ventures.

Dr. Silva says he is excited to collaborate with leading computer vision engineers, bridging the gap between academic research and practical applications.

“alwaysAI presents an opportunity for me to further my work on bridging the gap between how the human brain processes information and how machines learn to replicate human capabilities like sight,” he adds.

According to alwaysAI, it creates computer vision solutions that enhance operations and ROI by detecting objects, people and events in real time.

alwaysAI recently partnered with Seeed Studio, a Chinese IoT hardware manufacturer, to speed up implementing computer vision applications on edge IoT devices. The alwaysAI computer vision platform can integrate seamlessly with Seeed Studio’s edge devices through a subscription plan.

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