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AI Singapore partners with Run AI to advance national AI development strategies

AI Singapore partners with Run AI to advance national AI development strategies

Run AI, an AI resource management solutions provider, has been selected as the strategic partner of AI Singapore, a program initiated by the National Research Foundation in Singapore. This partnership intends to accelerate the adoption of AI in the country by developing AI-enabled infrastructure solutions that can be applied to different fields.

The Singaporean government has launched national AI development strategies to become a global leader in the field by 2030. The organizations say the collaboration provides resources and tools to help optimize AI workflow and infrastructure toward achieving this goal.

“Effectively managing resources and infrastructure is vital to supporting our diverse portfolio of AI projects,” says Laurence Liew, director of AI Innovation, AI Singapore. “By streamlining resource allocation, we can reduce the cost and environmental impact of our AI systems and deliver more value to our stakeholders and partners.”

According to AI Singapore, it is helping companies and organizations adopt AI solutions through experimental programs and collaborations with over sixty companies. They have also trained more than 200 AI engineers from Singapore, equipping them with the necessary skills to develop, test and apply AI models.

Deploying large-scale data-intensive AI applications often requires distributed resources, such as on-premise GPUs and cloud infrastructure. This poses a significant challenge for organizations. However, Run AI says its platform offers a solution by managing these projects by automatically scaling and scheduling GPU resources. This gives the customer a transparent view of GPU usage, streamlining the deployment of AI applications, executives say.

“We believe that our solution will play a pivotal role in enabling AI Singapore to meet the AI development needs of their community, including startups, universities, and businesses looking to embark on AI projects,” says Omri Geller, CEO and co-founder of Run AI.

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