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AI EdgeLabs, Zededa unite to secure distributed edge environments

AI EdgeLabs, Zededa unite to secure distributed edge environments

AI EdgeLabs and Zededa have announced a strategic partnership to address the unique security challenges of distributed edge environments.

According to the companies, this partnership aims to deliver a comprehensive security solution that can readily deploy across multiple locations, providing real-time multi-layered protection for edge infrastructure at scale.

“By combining Zededa’s edge orchestration and management capabilities with AI EdgeLabs autonomous security technology, we offer organizations an unmatched lightweight AI-based proactive solution to manage and secure both physical and virtual edge environments at scale,” says Inna Ushakova, the CEO at AI EdgeLabs.

The companies say that edge-distributed environments require a comprehensive security framework to protect them due to their lack of physical perimeters, limited resources for traditional security solutions, heterogeneous devices, diverse network infrastructures and legacy protocols.

According to the companies, the AI EdgeLabs and Zededa solution tackles the security issues that come with distributed edge infrastructure. It involves a multi-layered approach to security that can detect and respond to AI-based attacks in real-time.

Michael Maxey, the VP of business development at Zededa explains, “Both the Zededa and AI EdgeLabs solutions have been designed to address the requirements of edge environments and combine to deliver industry-leading security for devices that live outside of data centers.”

The solution also integrates two key functionalities. The first is cryptography-backed device authentication, which eliminates the requirement for local login details. The second component is real-time edge security powered by artificial intelligence, offering multi-layered protection of the edge system.

The joint solution offers enhanced security scalability, real-time threat detection and response with high accuracy, cost efficiency, and improved compliance to sensitive data transmission. This increases protection while lowering total security costs by at least 15%, the companies claim. Users can integrate and deploy the joint AI EdgeLabs and Zededa solution through the Zededa Marketplace.

Last month, Zededa and Avassa joined forces to offer an end-to-end orchestration solution to customers. This solution combines Zededa’s infrastructure orchestration capability with Avassa’s container management platform. The companies say the partnership provides customers with a solid basis for their current workloads and modern container application stacks.

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