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3lines invests as Edgetensor aims for proliferation of edge AI

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3lines invests as Edgetensor aims for proliferation of edge AI

3Lines Venture Capital announced recently its lead in the investment in a bridge to Series A round for Dallas,TX, based Edgetensor Technologies, an early stage company focusing on AI at the Edge technology and an end-to-end solution for a mass market deployment, which supports real-time and scalable video applications by processing data locally at the edge.

According to the announcement, Edgetensor’s innovation makes AI affordable and scalable at the edge for automotive, fleets and insurance providers to offer one stop safety solutions, for smart cities to automate parking spaces, monitor access to public and private areas and for Digital Out of Home advertisers to monetize personalization. 3Lines claims top-tier global companies have already deployed Edgetensor solutions for commercial use.

“The founders’ deep knowledge in the AI and IoT space, their approach to solving a very hard problem of building an edge platform first gives them a lead in several application verticals,” Krishna Kunapuli, Founder of 3Lines, says. “Edgetensor delivers a powerful solution that reduces edge processing costs at scale and the 3Lines team is looking forward to helping build a great company in AI at the Edge.”

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