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Webscale launches CloudEDGE content delivery network to improve commerce performance needs

Webscale launches CloudEDGE content delivery network to improve commerce performance needs

Cloud platform provider Webscale has launched a new cloud-agnostic content delivery network (CDN) with edge compute capabilities. The company, with customers such as Unilever, Swarovski, Olympus, has targeted e-commerce providers based on a market need for performance and programmability.

Webscale said its new CDN can reportedly deliver Core Web Vitals improvements of up to 30 points. For context, the term refers to metrics showing how a web page performs on Google, based on real-world usage data.

“We’ve seen a marked improvement in website performance, and our Core Web Vitals scores,” said John K Nelson Jr., COO of Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters, after the company adopted Webscale’s new CDN.

“[This] allows us to compete effectively in a business where the level of engagement, conversions, and revenue are all dependent on the overall user experience,” Nelson added.

CloudEDGE CDN plans to deliver these improvements by using a serverless edge infrastructure and end-to-end image optimization across any cloud.

In other words, real-time code execution of customer code happens at the edge, facilitating the rapid deployment of services around security, as well as headless and progressive web application (PWA) environments.

“Webscale CloudEDGE CDN is a modern CDN intentionally built for the demands of modern commerce enterprises […] and seek to deliver a flawless customer experience across a myriad of platforms,” explained Webscale CEO Sonal Puri.

The solution also offers intelligent caching, compute, security, and advanced features, designed to deliver on the needs of modern commerce storefronts.

These include deep programmability to provide developers with more flexibility while also minimizing latency and loads on origin servers, and commerce-friendly, frontend optimization.

“We watched our customers struggle with emerging problems around site performance and organic search and built the perfect solution to address the core of their challenges,” Puri concluded.

Webscale officially showcased CloudEDGE CDN at the NRF 2022 event that took place in New York City between 16th – 18th January.


Webscale was originally founded in 2012 as LaGrange Systems and targeted enterprises with cloud-based application delivery controller functions as a service. With the company’s background in multi-cloud application and infrastructure scaling and orchestration, it would be a mistake to simply dismiss Webscale’s CoudEDGE as offering just another among many CDNs. The performance and security requirements of e-commerce operations (particularly as consumers increasingly engage with both in-person and mobile shopping experiences) make the market a perfect early-adopter of a more open approach to programmable edge compute services. Webscale is going up against Akamai, Cloudflare, Fastly and others, but with solid footing in the e-commerce vertical, will be an edge services provider worth keeping an eye on.

Jim Davis, Principal Analyst, Edge Research Group  

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