Veea edge platform allows cable providers to connect to remote areas and reduce costs

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Veea edge platform allows cable providers to connect to remote areas and reduce costs

Veea, a provider of edge computing solutions, has announced the availability of a virtual Trusted Broadband Access solution (vTBA) that runs on Veea edge platform products. The new offering is aimed at cable providers, particularly those in rural areas where bringing internet via coaxial cable or fiber is cost-prohibitive.

The company says VeeaHub allows cable operators to provide new services such as user-based subscriptions that aren’t restricted to a particular location or access point but can be “active” anywhere on the network. This technology allows operators to deliver core network-managed Wi-Fi capabilities directly to devices, similar to cellular data service. Because this solution is more efficient, it can cut broadband service delivery costs by up to 50% compared to traditional FTTx solutions.

Allen Salmasi, CEO of Veea, had the following to say about the technology: “As a collaborator in developing the technology, Veea is focused on delivering transformative solutions at a much lower total cost of ownership. When service delivery costs are reduced by as much as half, projects that would otherwise never have gotten off the ground are now within reach. Ultimately, this will benefit tens of millions of people without broadband access for their Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and the cable operators who serve them.”

In Latin America, working with CableLabs and a major cable provider, prototype tests of the technology revealed extended broadband penetration and reach at a savings of approximately 50 percent compared to conventional FTTx solutions. This trial aimed to study the popularity and use of prepaid subscriptions in under-served and unserved regions. The project’s purpose was to deliver broadband services to areas that didn’t have it before, creating new revenue opportunities for the cable company. It’s been running smoothly since September 2021 with no issues.

CableLabs is essentially the R&D arm of the cable services industry, with 63 member companies around the globe. The VeeaHub is said to be the first device to use CableLabs’ technology to address operators’ difficulties in monitoring and managing devices outside the cable modem and/or gateway. This technology allows for devices to be connected directly with a network-to-device relationship. This will enable operators to create more personalized performance and security for one or many devices. These tailoring options support multiple use cases, such as people working from home, telehealth, and distance learning.

VeeaHub connects CableLabs’ custom connectivity solution with Veea’s virtualized network slicing solution which covers LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi to provide one consistent network experience. The custom connectivity gateway mechanism is a VeeaHub product as a virtualized network function that, in addition to VeeaHub’s software defined networking (SDN) and sophisticated traffic shaping, provides for virtual LAN/WAN segments over “network slices” to tablets, laptops and cameras, as well as IP-addressable connected locks, leak detectors, doorbells, thermostats, boilers and HVACs. Devices securely connect to a VeeaHub Wi-Fi AP over a network slice managed by a core network.

The vCPE (virtual CPE) runs in a secure Docker container on the VeeaHub, providing users with complete visibility and control of all subscribed devices, regardless of location.

“This new approach, led by CableLabs on behalf of their global members, is a truly meaningful breakthrough, especially, when it comes to solving for the greatest challenges associated with broadband access for all,” stated Salmasi.

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