Cloudflare: Leaning into AI after 1Q23 results show good growth for edge services

Cloudflare recently reported its 1Q23 earnings, which showed revenue growth that’s coming at a slowing pace amid a tough macroeconomic…


Sensory enables ChatGPT to give human-like voice responses on consumer devices

Sensory has introduced a new technology integration that allows ChatGPT and other Large Language Models to provide conversational voice responses…


IoT Analytics report explores generative AI’s impact on IoT app development

IoT Analytics recently released a Generative AI Trend Report to understand the effects of generative AI on IoT devices and…


Google PaLM-E AI model enables robots to understand natural language and execute tasks

Google’s Robotics team has revealed a new artificial intelligence (AI) model that could enable robots to understand and execute instructions…


Anthropic uses Google Cloud for potential ChatGPT rival; a prelude to M&A?

Anthropic has chosen Google Cloud as its cloud service provider to use its compute power and infrastructure resources to provide…

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