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StorMagic lowers container cost at edge

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StorMagic lowers container cost at edge

StorMagic recently announced availability of its Container Storage Interface (CSI), a standard driver that provides persistent storage for Kubernetes-orchestrated container environments. The CSI driver allows remote sites to deploy containers at the edge with affordable, persistent storage combined with SvSAN’s no single point of failure architecture.

Customers can deploy a two-node, centrally-managed cluster that supports both virtual machines (VMs) and containers specifically designed for edge environments, at the market’s lowest cost.

“Containers require little memory, launch quickly, and their efficiency requires significantly less hardware and physical space​, which meets the requirements of edge environments,” explains Dave Raffo, senior analyst, integrated systems and container storage, Evaluator Group. “StorMagic’s two-node CSI solution helps edge customers modernize their legacy applications while gaining the benefits of containers at the edge.”

Edge computing is enabling innovation and new use cases to help end users solve problems and grow their businesses. Containers are gaining popularity as an ideal deployment model for edge sites because they improve speed, agility and scalability in application deployment. StorMagic’s CSI driver provides connectivity between containers and SvSAN​—which includes advanced storage capabilities such as automation, high availability and seamless data synchronization.

“StorMagic is making the edge ready for containers with its new CSI driver for SvSAN​, the only two-node Kubernetes solution that supports containers and VMs for less than $10,000, including both hardware and software,” adds Bruce Kornfeld, chief marketing and product officer, StorMagic. “StorMagic makes it easy for customers to deploy and manage containers at the edge, combining the speed, agility and scalability of containers, coupled with 100 percent uptime that SvSAN delivers.”

A complete two-node StorMagic cluster solution with the new CSI driver that supports VMs and containers is available immediately through StorMagic’s global network of resellers.

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