Star Labs, Trenton Systems link up to secure “tactical” edge compute for military systems

Trenton Systems has partnered with Wind River security software company Star Lab to develop ruggedized, fully hardened, USA-made military computers for defense systems operating in hostile environments and running demanding mission-critical applications at the tactical edge.

Combining Trenton Systems’ high-performance rugged computers and Star Lab’s Titanium Security Suite and Crucible Embedded Hypervisor poise these mission-critical systems to be some of the most formidable and resilient defense computing platforms available on the market today.

“The combination of Star Labs’ validated and certified cybersecurity, anti-tamper, and data at rest software products with Trenton Systems’ ruggedized, high-performance computing platforms gives our aerospace and defense customers U.S.-built, trusted, and cyber-secure mission-critical servers for the tactical edge,” says Irby Thompson, Founder and General Manager of Star Lab.

Michael Bowling, CEO of Trenton Systems, adds that he is excited about the partnership with Star Lab and hopes to continue making cybersecurity an integral part of the systems equation from the very beginning.

“Cybersecurity cannot be a bolt-on or an afterthought with mission-critical applications,” Bowling said. “Security, when done correctly, is baked into every aspect of the architecture. From the chip-level hardware and firmware design to the OS and hypervisor-level encryption and protection, the trusted combination of Trenton Systems’ and Star Lab’s U.S.-based design, manufacturing, and support teams is ready to tackle your most hostile operating environments.”

The companies’ robust edge computers, certified to MIL-STD-810, DO-160, MIL-S-901, and other leading military standards, will be fully capable of meeting a variety of advanced, real-time computing needs, operating seamlessly at the tactical edge and amid the world’s harshest environments, satisfying multiple advanced security requirements, enhancing system integrity and upgradability, and effortlessly powering the most compute-intensive applications deployed by the defense and aerospace industries.

“As more devices are connected to these networks, a more systems-level approach to securing those devices is now required,” said Sean Campbell, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at Trenton Systems. “There is a rising interest in applying best DevSecOps processes to the development of internet of things (IoT) applications. This means thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start when buying hardware systems. Trenton Systems and our Star Lab collaboration provides that capability via Star Lab’s Titanium Security Suite. The biggest issue organizations are encountering now is an urgency to address cybersecurity as each device is connected to the network, rather than pursuing a more comprehensive approach to IoT and network security at scale. As awareness of these issues rise, IT decision makers are getting more involved in IoT platform decisions and buying hardware from trusted providers like Trenton Systems and Star Lab.”

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