StackPath launches another performance tool for developers with Direct Connect option

StackPath launches another performance tool for developers with Direct Connect option

Edge-cloud platform StackPath recently announced the availability of StackPath Direct Connect for StackPath content delivery network (CDN), providing dedicated network connections from customers’ private networks to the StackPath edge platform.

Traffic from customers’ on-premises origin servers can travel to and from the StackPath CDN without using the public internet, enabling customers to: bypass bottlenecks and congestion, minimize latency and packet loss or corruption, decrease exposure to malicious activity and threats, and reduce total transit provider costs.

“StackPath Direct Connect lets our customers address what might be the greatest obstacle to getting the most out of the edge,” explains Will Charnock, StackPath Chief Technology Officer. “With our exceptional transit and peering connections, upwards of 70% of the traffic we deliver is handed off directly to the last mile carrier. That means the biggest bottlenecks in our customers’ operations are usually in the first mile—getting data to the edge. Direct Connect replaces those highway bottlenecks with a high-speed, high-security express lane.”

StackPath Direct Connect provides a private fiber connection into the StackPath platform in any of the company’s more than 50 global edge locations. It is ideal for StackPath customers running workloads that involve large volumes of traffic or high-frequency origin calls, common to the industry’s most rapidly growing cloud applications such as video streaming/delivery and internet-connected gaming.

“Up to now, select StackPath CDN customers have requested and used private network connections. But as edge computing grows—and edge applications like CDN evolve—sophisticated delivery use cases and modern applications need greater security, speed, and cost effectiveness at all points between workloads and end users,” adds Ashok Ganesan, StackPath Chief Product Officer. “We’re excited to make Direct Connect available to any StackPath CDN customer and have plans to provide Direct Connect access to all StackPath products soon.”

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