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SparkFun, Digi International unite to boost cellular IoT innovation via development tools

SparkFun, Digi International unite to boost cellular IoT innovation via development tools

SparkFun has partnered with Digi International to offer a range of development boards. The solutions combine the Digi XBee module with SparkFun’s Qwiic Connect Ecosystem.

According to the companies, this collaboration brings I2C-based rapid-prototyping tools to a diverse user base, from hobbyists to professional R&D developers, enabling the integration of cellular IoT from sensor to cloud.

Bob Blumenscheid, senior product marketing manager at Digi International, highlights the shared vision of both companies: to support developers with high-quality building blocks that simplify IoT projects and accelerate time-to-market.

“By combining pre-certified modules with code libraries and tools for configuration, testing, deployment and remote management, we can give developers the leg up they need to succeed,” Blumenscheid adds.

SparkFun has also introduced MicroPython libraries for their Qwiic Sensors, allowing for integration and extensibility across multiple applications. This technology enables creating a smart sensor system that collects data at the edge, as showcased in a live demo at CES. The demo features a combination of Qwiic sensors, XBee modules and SparkFun development boards.

Glenn Samala, SparkFun CEO, says the collaboration aims to support cellular IoT solutions, from prototype to production.

“Between SparkFun’s development tools and Digi XBee modules, we believe we can significantly impact users from enthusiasts to professionals and inspire creative new applications,” says Samala.

SparkFun has expanded its product lineup by now also offering XBee modules as standalone products in addition to their development boards. These pre-certified and programmable modules support over-the-air updates.

In other cellular IoT news, Particle, an IoT Platform-as-a-Service provider, released the Particle B Series family of devices in 2022. The company notes that this hardware solution enables organizations to transition prototype applications to enterprise-scale production faster and more cost-effectively.

Particle aims to simplify cellular IoT by addressing challenges like carrier relationships, hardware certifications, connectivity diagnostics and device-to-network integration.

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