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Smart in the air: Veea, Wynd, Innovatus Capital partner for air quality monitoring

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Veea Inc., a pioneer in smart edge connectivity and computing, is collaborating with Innovatus Capital Partners and Wynd Technologies Inc. to offer an Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) Solution for commercial office buildings. The initial deployment is in operation at the Innovatus Highland Ridge office park in Nashville, TN managed by Lincoln Property Company, and demonstrates continued Innovatus commitment to improving the environmental quality of office workspaces. This is crucial in building the confidence that tenants and their staffs require to confidently return to pre-COVID utilization and occupancy levels.

“We are focused on supporting operational and environmental wellness in the facilities we manage. Clean air and clean, secure technology are core ingredients of this initiative” explains Bradley Seiden, Managing Director at Innovatus. “Secure, integrated IoT connectivity and edge computing in combination with Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) technology are a winning combination for smart building solutions for our properties.”

The solution uses Wynd Halo sensors to collect air quality metrics throughout the common areas of the building. These sensors are wirelessly connected to a secure, rapidly scalable, easily deployed edge mesh network of VeeaHub Smart Edge Nodes. The resulting Veea Edge Platform not only provides sensor and cloud connectivity, but also cloud-independent local edge computing capabilities. Software running locally on the VeeaHubs captures and processes the data from these sensors to generate air quality dashboards and signals that can then drive the facility air control systems. Building visitors and tenants can easily view a real time air quality score, as well as the underlying details on displays in the building’s common areas.

To maximize operational security and reliability, the Veea Edge Platform also provides a dedicated 4G LTE connection to securely deliver the statistics back to a cloud-based central monitoring and management system, offering isolation from the general-purpose WAN connections that building tenants use.

“With our innovative hybrid software/hardware approach, we are aiming to become the global standard for indoor air quality monitoring, analytics, and purification in the 21st century.” says Ray Wu, Chief Executive Officer of Wynd Technologies. “We are thrilled to partner with Innovatus Capital Partners and Veea for their smart commercial building air quality program.”

“VeeaHub Smart Edge Nodes integrate the secure connectivity, application processing power, cloud management, and simplicity required to readily support smart building applications like this AQM solution, as well as many other smart building initiatives,” adds Mark Tubinis, Veea’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are honored to be a key partner in helping Innovatus improve the level of environmental wellness and security that their tenants are coming to expect in the post-COVID era and look forward to the Veea Edge Platform supporting an ever-increasing number of smart building services as companies like Innovatus recognize the simplicity, security, and scalability of the Veea Edge Platform.”

The Veea/Wynd AQM system is now being deployed at additional properties across the Innovatus national portfolio.

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