Scale Computing, RackTop Systems team up to combat cyber threats

Scale Computing, RackTop Systems team up to combat cyber threats

Scale Computing, an edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solution provider, and RackTop Systems, a provider of data security solutions in the cyberstorage market, have partnered to bring the RackTop BrickStor Security Platform (SP) to the Scale Computing Platform (SC//Platform).

According to the companies, the collaboration offers a solution for real-time defense against ransomware attacks, insider threats and data breaches in the cyber storage market.

Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing, explains that traditional file servers can be challenging to manage, have scalability limitations and leave security vulnerabilities.

“Scale Computing offers cutting-edge solutions to ensure that critical systems are protected, validated, tested, and ready for recovery anytime,” adds Ready. “Now, our integrated solution with RackTop provides organizations with the ability to further strengthen their cybersecurity posture, protecting valuable assets and sensitive information from today’s evolving cyber threats.”

BrickStor SP can prevent data exfiltration from privileged and trusted users and stop malware at the storage processor. The companies also note that it ensures that production data remains online and available to all uncompromised users.

The partners also emphasize that BrickStor SP safeguards against data exfiltration and malware attacks. Additionally, it integrates with Scale Computing’s HyperCore clusters.

According to Jonathan Halstuch, CTO and co-founder of RackTop, every organization aims to achieve cyber resilience and streamline infrastructure management.

“Our joint solution extends the simplicity, scalability, and high availability to the customer’s data,” states Halstuch. “With Scale Computing, we can ensure our customers’ data is always available to meet the organization’s needs and protected from data theft and ransomware.”

BrickStor SP’s features include real-time threat detection, behavioral analysis and machine learning, automated incident response and integration with SC//Platform.

It additionally offers immediate response to threats, reduces false positives and negatives, minimizes manual intervention, provides a stable infrastructure and simplifies management in data centers, distributed enterprises and edge computing, the companies note.

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