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Open19 to update enterprise and edge data center standards with focus on sustainability

Open19 to update enterprise and edge data center standards with focus on sustainability

Open19, an industry organization working on standards for edge and enterprise data centers, is developing updated specifications for enterprise and edge data center cooling and power systems later this year as companies look to improve the efficiency of facilities.

The move comes just months after the organization joined the Linux Foundation (LF) in 2021 with the goal of sharing its sustainable data center architecture with LF partners, including Cisco, Equinix, and others.

“This is an exciting time to be building the underlying scaffolding of the internet,” commented Zac Smith, Chair of the Open19 Project and Equinix Metal’s Managing Director.

According to Smith, the importance of data center technologies worlwide is increasing, alongside power and cooling requirements of the hardware used in these applications. Equinix is among the data center providers moving aggressively towards sustainability goals, with a plan net-zero emissions by 2030, executives told EdgeIR in a recent interview.

“Open19 is committed to tackling these challenges in a community-driven way that benefits large and small players across the entire supply chain,” Smith added.

“The movement to sustainable datacenters is one of our industry’s biggest challenges and Open19 serves a vital role in bringing game-changing open-source datacenter technology to market.”

The first version of Open19 platform established an open standard that can fit any 19” rack for server, storage, and networking, and that can therefore be scaled up or down based on vendors’ requirements.

The Open19 platform V2 is now undergoing active testing via Joint Innovation labs of member companies.

Testing reportedly included a pluggable liquid cooling standard, a 48V native power solution and the ability to support next-generation rack-level power requirements.

“Open19 V2 will build upon the success of our shared form factor in a variety of server and storage solutions with significant innovations including more efficient conversion and distribution,” explained Linux Foundation Program Manager Sean McKilroy.

“There is a lot of runway ahead for new Open19 members to be a part of this innovation in a business-friendly and open community.”

The announcement comes months after the Linux Foundation announced the creation of the NextArch Foundation to build edge computing and next-generation IT architecture.

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