Nozomi and TXOne partner on network edge security solutions

Nozomi and TXOne partner on network edge security solutions

Trend Micro subsidiary TXOne Networks and Nozomi Networks have entered a new partnership to strengthen the cyber defense capabilities of their joint customers in manufacturing and critical infrastructure industries such as water and gas utilities. The partnership comes amid an increasing number of ransomware attacks such as the Colonial Pipeline attack in 2021.

As part of the new collaboration, Nozomi’s Guardian sensors for deep operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) network visibility and monitoring, will be integrated via an Application Programming Interface (API) with TXOne’s OT Defense Console (ODC) for edge IPS and firewalls. This will enable the companies’ joint customers to have access to accurate threat detection and fast response without compromising operational processes, the companies said.

“The boundaries between IT [informational technology] and OT have blurred, and it is difficult for companies to find solutions that ensure the cybersecurity of equipment while supporting the smooth operation of worksite equipment given the various constraints in OT,” explained TXOne CEO Dr. Terence Liu.

According to the executive, companies today do not only need OT visibility, but also protection to safeguard their plants and factories.

“Securing IIoT (Industrial IoT) devices is a major challenge for manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators due to the unique needs of the industrial control environment,” Liu added.

“Together with Nozomi Networks, we will continue to place our focus on simplifying the complex and fast-changing cybersecurity issues that organizations are facing at various phases of their digital transformation.”

From a technical standpoint, the companies’ combined cybersecurity solutions will enable suspicious assets to be detected and blocked on edge devices so that the OT network remains protected.

Users will then have the option to either enforce the blocking of the suspicious assets immediately or wait for an administrator’s review and approval.

In addition, TXOne’s ODC will enable users to manage OT-native next-generation IPS and firewalls directly from a single centralized location, allowing streamlined coordination of signature-based virtual patching to defend assets against known threats.

The console also empowers administrators to edit the OT protocol trust list to enable interactive interoperability between key production machine assets and to analyze L2-L7 networks by node group.

Nozomi’s Guardian sensors, including 21.2.0 and newer, support this certified integration.

“TXOne Networks’ [ODC] provides a centralized console for TXOne’s Edge series for IPS and firewalls,” said Chet Namboodri, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Alliances.

“The combination of our offerings increases the stability and security of industrial networks by offering fast, accurate threat detection and response.”

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