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Nokia shows cloud-native network management for 5G services at MWC

Nokia shows cloud-native network management for 5G services at MWC

Nokia has launched Adaptive Cloud Networking, a comprehensive cloud-native solution designed to respond to the unpredictable demands of the 5G era by supercharging a service provider’s data center fabric and seamlessly extending its operations to the edge clouds. This innovation in the way telco clouds are built and operated will enable service providers to reinforce their critical role in the 5G digital network value chain.

5G networks are pushing the limits of existing data center fabrics and edge cloud infrastructures: cloud native designs drive the agility and dynamicity of applications, and low latency performance requires those applications to be delivered from edge clouds close to end users. Data center fabrics need to adjust to these new demands. A new NetOps era is emerging – one that provides the tools and capabilities that allow service providers to transform their networks to become more efficient and productive and increase both service revenue and ARPU.

Nokia’s comprehensive Adaptive Cloud Networking solution helps service providers overcome these challenges to deliver a consumable, agile and automated network. A consumable network provides a needed foundation of openness, extensibility, visibility and control to access network data to optimize network operations. An agile network adapts to the constantly changing scale and performance required from the application layer, ensuring needed elastic scalability as dictated by the applications. An automated network supercharges network operations by making various built-in automation tools available throughout the network’s lifecycle.

Nokia’s Adaptive Cloud Networking solution provides these values in three key areas of the service provider network – the data center fabric, the rapidly emerging edge cloud, and the seamless inter-connectivity needed across the WAN, connecting applications across the WAN to different parts of the network.

The solution leverages Nokia’s proven data center fabric elements, including the SR Linux network operating system, the Fabric Services System and the Nokia 7220 and 7250 IXR hardware platforms; the newly introduced Edge Network Controller, designed specifically for the automation of the network in edge clouds; and Nokia’s Network Services Platform (NSP) for programmable automation, connecting data centers and edge clouds across the wide area network (WAN).

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