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New SoundHound edge and cloud options promise fast, accurate voice AI

New SoundHound edge and cloud options promise fast, accurate voice AI

SoundHound, an artificial intelligence voice platform, announced new edge and cloud connectivity solutions that allow brands to voice-enable products, devices or services.

As the world increasingly moves towards voice-activated devices and artificial intelligence, many brands still struggle to figure out the best way to adopt this new technology. According to the company, SoundHound helps companies meet customer expectations by providing fast and accurate solutions.

“We’re providing this range of solutions to help any company meet customer expectations of speed and accuracy, with results delivered in the style of natural conversation,” said Keyvan Mohajer, co-founder and chief executive of SoundHound. “With the right technology in place, voice quickly becomes a new channel to strengthen a brand’s relationship with its customers.”

Businesses may select various voice AI solutions that fit their available computing capability and end-user demands. The choices include:

  • Technology fully embedded in edge (including a new EdgeLite option).
  • Exclusive cloud-connected technology.
  • A hybrid combination of both Edge+Cloud.

The new EdgeLite+Cloud and Edge+Cloud solutions use what the company calls “active arbitration” technology to send queries to the cloud and embedded system simultaneously, resulting in a faster and more accurate conversational experience. These solutions are ideal for situations where a reliable cloud connection is not always available. However, a voice user interface is still required.

The new offerings mean automakers can select faster and more accurate response delivery, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve flexibility. The company says many automobile firms such as Hyundai and major smart device producers have embraced these connection possibilities.

SoundHound’s on-device edge solutions let brands adopting voice technology keep end-user data stored locally, so it never reaches the cloud. This situation gives users more privacy. SoundHound empowers brands to have complete control over data privacy, allowing them to communicate clearly with their customers about they handle information.

“Voice technology is now a must for products destined for the consumer market, but that doesn’t mean it’s one-size-fits-all. Here we’re offering a range of connectivity options that deliver fast and accurate voice AI to meet different needs,” said James Hom, co-founder and chief product officer at SoundHound. “The availability of more Edge options will allow businesses to store and protect sensitive data locally — which could help brands build customer trust. Our hybrid options help supercharge speed and accuracy. So whatever the use case or computing capacity, we can match it for optimal results.”

The connectivity options include:

  • EdgeLite: This voice solution allows businesses to process data saved locally without the privacy issues that come with sending data back to cloud services.
  • EdgeLite+Cloud: EdgeLite’s features and capabilities, with the ability to connect to the cloud to respond to questions or push product updates.
  • Edge: A fully embedded voice AI solution with natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to meet customer demand for convenience hands-free – without any cloud data privacy concerns. This ability allows users to control custom commands and create custom domains for on-device functionality.
  • Edge+Cloud: This version offers the flexibility and power of cloud connectivity. It allows businesses to deliver the cloud connection that best fits their products and customers.
  • Cloud-Only: With no restrictions on the device’s CPU and memory capabilities, it equips voice assistants with real-time data and information from the cloud. This, in turn, delivers the most relevant responses to user queries while retaining ownership of customer relationships and access to data and analytics.

SoundHound’s technology is built on proprietary Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies. This allows machines to interact with humans naturally by understanding the intent behind what is said.

All solutions are available for purchase now, with EdgeLite+Cloud being released in Q3 of 2022.

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