Automating the Edge with Robotics to use Cato Digital BMaaS for private ChatGPT-like services to use Cato Digital BMaaS for private ChatGPT-like services

Cato Digital, a bare metal infrastructure provider, recently announced its expansion into the Hudson Interxchange (Hudson IX) data center in New York City.

“Hudson IX is delighted to be a critical partner to amplify Cato’s bare metal platform,” states Tom Brown, the president and CEO of Hudson IX. “Our world-class data center’s robust interconnected ecosystem and expansion capacity enable customers to accelerate their reach and scale.”, an AI and ML company, will be the first to launch its platform on Cato’s bare metal infrastructure. By running on Cato’s low-cost, low-carbon footprint hardware, the companies say can offer customers customized GPT-like services without having to trade-off between cost or sustainability.

Cato says its bare metal infrastructure solution is half the cost of major cloud providers and also reduces customers’ carbon footprints by combining circular economy hardware, stranded data center power capacity and clean energy. Cato says that’s MLOps platform is an ideal fit for Cato’s bare metal infrastructure, as it provides end-users with cost and carbon efficiency and high performance for ML and AI workloads.

“We’re excited to be the first AI/ML ops company to run our platform on Cato’s bare metal,” says Uri Soroka, the CEO of “We have built sustainability into our platform from day one. Our software optimizes the performance and efficiency of machine learning and AI workloads.”

Hudson IX is one of the largest internet hubs in the world, providing high-density power and low-latency connections to over 300 carriers.

“Hudson IX is the ideal data center partner with one of the world’s most concentrated hubs of internet connectivity,” adds Dean Nelson, the CEO of Cato. “By simultaneously launching the platform at Hudson IX’s 60 Hudson St. facility, we enable highly sustainable computing ranging from general purpose to leading-edge GPT-like services.”

Hudson IX, Cato and are also part of the iMasons Climate Accord, a coalition of over 200 companies committed to reducing carbon emissions in digital infrastructure.

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