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Mimik brings edge expertise to next-generation cars with TTTech Auto collaboration

Mimik brings edge expertise to next-generation cars with TTTech Auto collaboration

Hybrid edge cloud company mimik Technology and TTTech Auto are partnering with the aim of transforming the driving experience of next-generation cars.

The automotive safety software provider specializes in delivering software, hardware and services for vehicle generations and the move towards software-defined vehicles.

Through the integration of mimik’s edge cloud platform with TTTech Auto’s safety solutions, the collaboration intends to pave the way for unprecedented advancements in Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), driver assistance, and autonomous mobility.

TTTech Auto’s software solution centers around handling the complexity inherent in SDVs through orchestration, communication, and safety frameworks.

Both companies mention in a written release that the MotionWise Safety Middleware is a proven solution deployed in over two million vehicles, with an additional secure pipeline for nine million cars.

Speaking on the collaboration, mimik’s founder and CEO, Fay Arjomandi, says: “At mimik, we empower automakers to unleash the full potential of their vehicles with our software platform.

“Teaming up with TTTech Auto, a leader in automotive safety software, we can connect fragmented silos of computing inside and outside of vehicles and harness real-time context data to create a safer and more connected driving experience.”

mimik is known for its HEC platform and edgeEngine, which provide API gateways and a continuous runtime environment. The tools are designed to deploy and run standard microservices on top of operating systems, including Android Auto and QNX.

The hybrid edge cloud provider says this capability makes it easy to decouple hardware from OS and application logic to achieve SDV, and creates a seamless ecosystem for developers and automakers, enabling all aspects of automotive functions to be transformed into a function-as-a-service.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with mimik, an industry trailblazer in hybrid edge cloud solutions,” says Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO of TTTech Auto.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our quest to revolutionize automotive safety solutions and deliver state-of-the-art technology to our valued customers, seamlessly spanning from cloud to edge environments.”

The mimik edgeEngine allows for the exposure of compute resources, functions, and data through standard APIs, effectively creating a homogeneous view of otherwise fragmented silos of computing and OS, the company claims.

This integration occurs both within and outside the vehicle, allowing functions to interact and exchange knowledge amongst themselves and with any cloud providers, therefore addressing interoperability challenges.

As the partnership between TTTech Auto and mimik progresses, both companies say they will remain committed to advancing technology that puts safety first.

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