Infiot launches Cloud Services Fabric for secure edge to cloud network access

Infiot launches Cloud Services Fabric for secure edge to cloud network access

Infiot has announced the Infiot Cloud Service Fabric, a service to provide remote users/sites and devices secure and optimized connectivity to any cloud.

The company notes its Cloud Services Fabric seamlessly extends high-performance connectivity, zero trust security and edge compute from people, places and things across all industries to core data centers, SaaS and to any multicloud in a matter of a few hours.

Rise of the remote workforce, increasing use of multicloud, along with the proliferation of distributed edge computing, creates significant connectivity and security challenges for enterprises mandating the need for resilient and flexible architectures to address changing business needs. The Infiot Cloud Service Fabric is a globally distributed, horizontally scalable, multi-service network that interconnects users, devices, sites, and cloud, empowering enterprises to take advantage of a globally-available network of cloud services to drive their businesses. The Cloud Service Fabric includes integrated connectivity, zero trust security and edge compute services with end-to-end visibility, control and governance.

Analyst insight

Many enterprises are on a digitization journey that has them building a MultiCloud, selecting cloud providers based upon specialized business needs such as availability of compute instances for AI and ML, or access to specific SaaS delivered applications. Imperative in constructing their MultiCloud is global coverage, securing an assortment of SaaS delivered applications, a consistent high-performance end user experience, while reducing complexity. Solutions  bring together a novel approach to connecting MultiClouds to users and devices delivering zero trust security, quality real-time performance, and edge computing will be in high demand.

Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Sr Director Research, Omdia

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