Immutable WORM protection takes center stage in CTERA’s newly released vault

Immutable WORM protection takes center stage in CTERA’s newly released vault

CTERA, an edge-to-cloud file service provider, has introduced CTERA Vault, a Write Once, Read Many (WORM) protection technology for the CTERA Enterprise Files Services Platform. CTERA says the technology ensures data preservation, tamper-proofing and compliance with enterprise regulations.

CTERA further notes that its Enterprise File Services Platform empowers a global file system, connecting remote sites and users to an enterprise’s cloud securely and efficiently.

Many industries require WORM-compliant storage to comply with regulations like HIPPA, 21 FDA CFR Part 11, NIST 800-53, Sarbanes-Oxley and FINRA Rule 4511(c). CTERA says WORM compliance ensures data integrity, creating trustworthy and irrefutable business records for regulatory compliance and cybersecurity.

According to CTERA CEO Oded Nagel, regulated industries need a storage system that is tamper-proof, secure, reliable and scalable to safeguard data.

“Regulated industries require a tamper-proof, secure, reliable, and scalable storage system to safely and confidently protect their data,” says Oded Nagel, the CEO of CTERA. 

“CTERA Vault provides robust immutable WORM-compliant storage for our global file system, allowing our customers to create permanent records that can be easily managed and prevent unauthorized changes,” he elaborates.

CTERA Vault offers flexible and granular WORM Cloud Folders with customized retention modes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The centralized CTERA Portal manages policies enforced on remote CTERA Edge Filers.

According to Dan McConnell, the senior vice president of product management and enablement at Hitachi Vantara, CTERA Vault’s advanced data retention and protection technology is a significant advancement in ensuring data resilience. 

“As customers seek enterprise-grade solutions for regulatory compliance, CTERA Vault’s immutability, combined with our Hitachi Content Platform, becomes the top choice for safeguarding critical data,” McConnell notes. “Our collaboration helped facilitate the co-design of CTERA Vault.” 

According to the UN, approximately 71% of countries have data protection and privacy laws, with 9% having draft legislation. Around 5% have no data and 15% of countries lack any data protection or privacy laws.

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