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IKE Solutions gets on board with OnLogic edge hardware for sustainable fishing operations

IKE Solutions gets on board with OnLogic edge hardware for sustainable fishing operations

OnLogic revealed that Hawaii-based technology company ‘IKE Solutions is utilizing the OnLogic Karbon 700 Rugged Computer to create electronic monitoring systems for their fishing industry and fisheries management clients. The systems created by ‘IKE Solutions utilize cameras and sensors to collect data on fishing boats while they’re at sea.

“Machine vision has the potential to impact so many areas of our society, and sustainability is one place where we’re seeing incredible developments take shape,” said OnLogic Account Manager, Pete Pikulski. “Systems like this serve as such an important force multiplier to teams tasked with overseeing massive fleets of fishing vessels, but it takes specialized equipment to not only do the job, but also survive conditions at sea. It’s great to see companies like ‘IKE Solutions using technology to help drive sustainability, and we’re proud to play a part.”

Monitoring fishing activity, which has traditionally been done through in-person observation, is difficult and expensive. The remote monitoring systems being built by ‘IKE Solutions provide an economical means to understand how fisheries are operating away from the docks. It also provides more transparency for fishermen who can market their catch as sustainably monitored.

Among its wide range of applications, ‘IKE Solutions’ technology is being used to count how many fish are being caught by a given vessel and in research projects to understand how new fishing technologies can optimize fishing or reduce potentially harmful interactions with sharks and other protected species.

‘IKE Solutions turned to OnLogic for a system to power onboard cameras, analyze images and collect the data for their various installations. The computers needed to be rugged enough to survive a salty, rough environment aboard an active fishing boat. They also needed to be able to connect to PoE cameras, effectively process the incoming images and videos, and secure the data from multiple camera streams at the same time.

“Integrating technology on fishing vessels is seldom a simple task. Among the many benefits of using OnLogic computers, being able to have the Karbon 700 provide power over ethernet without the use of an additional PoE switch drastically reduced both space and power requirements,” explains ‘IKE Solutions Founder, Matthew Carnes. “We were pleased when our first order of the K700s out-performed our expectations across the board. Specifically, the K700-X2 is useful because it can be shipped with a GPU to perform machine learning on the data while at sea, automating data analysis which ultimately allows for more efficient management of fisheries and fishing fleets, as well as reduces costs of shore-side data-analysis.”

The two companies have released a case study about their work together.

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