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Honeywell announces OT cybersecurity solution to improve facility safety

Honeywell announces OT cybersecurity solution to improve facility safety

Honeywell has released its new OT cybersecurity solution, Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Cyber Insights, to help customers protect their industrial control systems and operations from cyber threats, the company says.

Cyber Insights is an integrated system that provides customers with actionable insights into their facility’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats, enabling them to manage compliance strategy and reduce overall risk, Honeywell says.

Honeywell notes that companies with OT systems may need help to obtain the necessary information to reduce the likelihood of cyberattacks and comply with applicable standards and regulations. The company also says the need for solutions specifically designed for OT and the shortage of available cybersecurity skills have made it harder for businesses to protect their networks.

“Organizations should leverage technology to address worker shortages while at the same time gaining clear visibility into their OT facilities’ cybersecurity posture to help them make faster decisions and reduce cyber risk,” says Michael Ruiz, the vice president and general manager at Honeywell OT Cybersecurity Innovation.

Cyber Insights provides a tailored cybersecurity solution for OT environments and users, offering a site-level view of their security posture, insights into security events and vulnerabilities, active threats management and helping organizations strengthen their cyber resilience by providing access to critical information.

Cyber Insights is pre-configured for OT use, with customization options designed to address different industrial environments. It is vendor-agnostic and can be deployed on Honeywell control systems. During the applicable subscription license term, it is supported and maintained by Honeywell Cyber Care services to help customers maintain peak performance.

“Being vendor-agnostic, Honeywell is well-equipped to work on almost any device and provide the necessary services for assessment and remediation,” explains Avimanyu Basu, a senior lead analyst at ISG.

Last year, Honeywell was in the news for being an Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition founding member. The OT Cyber Coalition aims to promote cybersecurity solutions that are vendor-neutral, interoperable, and standards-based. It collaborates with industry and US government stakeholders to find effective data-sharing solutions to enhance US defense. Other founding members include Forescout, Claroty, Tenable and Nozomi Networks.

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