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Hivelocity cooks up cloud storage partnership with Wasabi

Hivelocity cooks up cloud storage partnership with Wasabi

Hivelocity, a provider of bare metal cloud and edge computing solutions, announced a partnership with cloud storage provider Wasabi Technologies. Hivelocity will provide bare metal compute services, enabled by GPU processors, while Wasabi adds in its object storage service as the two aim to provide an alternative to hyperscale cloud service providers.

“By partnering with best-in-class service providers we are able to provide our customers with all the performance, cost and security benefits of bare metal while also giving them access to the most beneficial cloud-native services they previously only enjoyed in the public cloud,” said Steve Eschweiler, Hivelocity’s COO. “Wasabi’s cloud storage enables us to provide our users with the equivalent of S3 storage at a fraction of the AWS cost.”

Workloads requiring large amounts of storage and compute that are being targeted include:

  • Content Delivery
  • Media Transcoding and Archiving
  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Video Surveillance

More typical enterprise IT uses of the combined services include application development and operations, as well as cloud-based backup and disaster recovery.

Hivelocity provides cloud and dedicated server solutions to 32 edge locations in major cities across North America, South America, Africa, Europe, India, Asia and Australia. The company recently collaborated with edge cloud service provider, Ridge Cloud, to support the cloud-native deployment of highly distributed applications.


The partnership gives Hivelocity customers a highly scalable storage option that is an alternative to public cloud options. Among the benefits: data transfer between compute and storage will not incur additional fees.

This service also attacks the hated egress fees that public clouds charge and helps make the service a more cost-effective option.

Phil Shih is Managing Director and Founder of Structure Research, an independent research firm focused on the cloud, hosting and data center infrastructure service provider markets.  

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