Freight Farms wins IoT Monitoring honor at AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Freight Farms wins IoT Monitoring honor at AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Freight Farms, an indoor farming technology company, has been named the 2022 “IoT Monitoring Solution of the Year” by AgTech Breakthrough. AgTech Breakthrough is an independent organization that recognizes top technologies, companies and products in the global agriculture technology market.

They selected Freight Farms for its software, Farmhand, which according to Freight Farms, provides a complete solution for indoor farmers. Farmhand automates and monitors all aspects of the growing process. It uses sensors to collect temperature, humidity, light, nutrients, and more data, which is then used to optimize conditions for each crop.

Its IoT software can interact with various controllers, such as modules, sensors, lighting systems, HVAC units and cameras. According to the company, this data can also improve plant performance and agricultural operations besides monitoring.

“We’re thrilled to receive this recognition from AgTech Breakthrough. We set out to streamline day-to-day farm operations and demystify the process of growing healthy plants. Data helps us to understand the relationships between the physiology of plants and their response to environmental variables at a level that has not been possible before,” stated Freight Farms co-founder and COO Jon Friedman.

Farmhand also provides a feature that allows users to visualize the entire process of crop planning and planting.

With an intelligent, calculating system, this software can switch farm modes and adapt environments for different crops, the company says. It also aggregates sensor data to reveal trends from prior harvests and improve future ones. Additionally, it provides crop growing “recipes” that are continuously improving, based on data from farmers. The company says the recipes feature takes the guesswork out of growing a crop by preloading the ideal CO2, humidity, temperature, nutrient and light settings for growing different plants into the software. Operators can then select the right recipe based on what they are planting.

In turn, the company says that Farmhand allows farmers to control their crops’ growth environments better, resulting in tastier, more nutritious produce.

“Farmhand is always learning, evolving, and optimizing with the data analysis feature. This allows farmers to constantly cultivate higher yields and improve the flavor of their crops so they can grow the highest quality fresh produce in their area,” Friedman added.

According to the firm, Farmhand will most likely integrate with other farm technology platforms in the near future.

“Farmhand is the ultimate farm automation software that offers unprecedented access and allows you to maximize farm performance, implement expert guidance, and get complete transparency into all farm operations,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, AgTech Breakthrough.

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