Equideum Health, Nokia Bell Labs to research edge devices for Web3 data

Equideum Health, Nokia Bell Labs to research edge devices for Web3 data

Equideum Health and Nokia Bell labs formed a research partnership to explore the applications of data generated from wearables and edge devices related to health and ownership of said data.

“We are excited by the enormous potential of our collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs. We aim to unlock, for scientific, clinical, and population health purposes, the exponentially growing health and health-relevant data produced by edge devices,” says Heather Leigh Flannery, founder and CEO of Equideum Health.

Equideum Health is a company that builds Web3 person-centered healthcare and research networks using self-sovereign identity, fine-grained verifiable consents, advanced privacy preservation, and decentralized data liquidity. It powers these developments with Ethereum, tokenization, decentralized AI, and confidential computing. It joins Nokia Bell Labs, a research wing of Nokia.

A press release from Equideum Health says the two groups will collaborate on two projects: Nokia Bell Labs’ ear smart device prototype that creates a cognitive augmentation platform using signal processing and on-device machine learning, and a collaborative machine learning environment that preserves the privacy of the user data and the AI/ML models during training and inference.

The second project will be integrated into Equideum Health’s Data Integrity and Learning Networks (DILNs). The DILNs apply specialized public/private hybrid blockchain and decentralized AI networks to support tokenization of datasets and compute results, weighted attribution of data contribution in federated learning, and privacy-preserving verifiable consent mechanisms for the analytical use of decentralized health data.

The two organizations previously partnered with the launch of the Equideum Exchange, where individuals are able to monetize personal health data and enable enterprise DILN members to participate in a data economy.

Flannery adds that the partnership will establish secure data pathways from the edge to Equideum Health’s decentralized consumer-sovereign infrastructures to be safely and ethically utilized and monetized under the control of the data subject.

Thierry E. Klein, president of Bell Labs Solutions Research at Nokia Bell Labs, remarks, “We are looking forward to our collaboration with Equideum Health to boost our work on device-based intelligence and privacy-preserving AI/ML exchanges that let enterprises and users share data and machine learning models without worrying about a loss of privacy.”

Klein says Equideum Health is a “perfect partner” because of its excitement about Web3 technologies that will unlock new value in the data generated by billions of sensors and devices.

Among other edge computing partnerships in the health industry, Congatec and System Industrie Electronic joined hands in March for healthcare edge hardware.

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