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EdgeIR Fireside Chat: Avassa and making edge application management easier

In a new Edge Industry Review Fireside Chat interview, EdgeIR spoke with Carl Moberg, CTO of Avassa, about the evolution of enterprise computing and the emergence of a cloud-to-edge topology for enterprise architecture.

Avassa is helping to simplify application lifecycle management and monitoring with an easy-to-use solution that manages distributed applications across distributed on-premises edge environments.

The conversation started with a discussion of the two core challenges facing application teams when trying to deploy applications to the edge. The first is understanding what it takes to deploy applications across many different locations. The second is understanding what it means to monitor and observe applications running in many different locations.

Another topic of discussion: the emerging field of platform engineering which focuses on providing a comfortable onboarding and feature environment for application teams. It is proposed that platform engineering could be the ‘orchestrator of orchestrators’ that ties together centralized components with distributed edge components

You can watch the full interview on YouTube here and on Vimeo here.

Show timestamps

0:00:09 Conversation with Carl, CTO of Avasa, on managing applications at the edge

1:31 Exploring the challenges of edge computing deployment

5:12 Edge native, cloud-native and the role of platform engineering for distributed applications

11:20 Platform engineering and operations management

13:40 Exploring the challenges of nonstop operations at the edge

15:40 Observability in Edge Computing

17:53 The impact of citizen developers and generative AI on enterprise application development

0:20:51 From VMs to containers as the atom of deployment

0:22:18 Multi-tenant edge where citizen developers use natural language — how will it land?

0:24:19 Discussion on observability and resilience at the edge – building “nonstop” operations by assuming that something will fail and then getting it running again quickly

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