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EdgeConneX providing link to new 48-IX in Phoenix

EdgeConneX providing link to new 48-IX in Phoenix

Edge data center development pioneer EdgeConneX has announced that 48 IX, a new Phoenix-based Internet Exchange, is now available for interconnection in the EdgeConneX Phoenix Edge Data Center, PHX01. Located within 10 miles of downtown Phoenix, EdgeConneX’s 80,908 sq. ft. facility was chosen as 48 IX’s first landing point due to its customer base of primarily ISPs, content providers and cloud providers.

“The goal of 48 IX is to offer direct peering to reduce latency and cost while increasing performance, and, ultimately, help put Phoenix on the map as a major peering point in the US,” says Matt Love, President of 48 IX. “Since our goal is to provide a platform through which networks can easily interconnect with one another, EdgeConneX’s Phoenix Edge data center made the most sense with its existing customer base.”

Established in 2020 as a non-profit corporation, 48 IX places extremely high priority on open communication, performance, security and neutrality. Almost all of 48 IX’s provisioning is completely automated, which means participant ports are brought up very quickly with a recent network provisioned up within approximately 5 minutes of executing agreements. 48 IX offers 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps ports at the same cost, which covers the non-profit’s costs.

The Internet exchange’s current active networks include Stellar Technologies, Hurricane Electric, Cloudflare and WhiteSky Communications. 48 IX also actively communicates with all the networks at EdgeConneX’s PHX01 listed in PeeringDB.

“Consistently named one of the top emerging tech hubs in the country, the tech sector in Phoenix is positioned for significant growth in the coming years,” notes Aron Smith, Vice President for Interconnection Product Management at EdgeConneX. “We are excited to partner with 48 IX as the founding facility and further enhance connectivity options at the Edge in the Phoenix market to meet the demand now and in the future.”

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