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Rigado provides ‘edge-as-a-service’ infrastructure for Commercial IoT solutions such as asset tracking and smart buildings – including flexible wireless gateways and a containerized edge computing platform. We proudly power more than 300 global customers and 5 million connected devices.

Our Cascade solution includes our IoT Gateways, as well as a secure application platform, integrated tools for edge monitoring and orchestration, and a managed service to deliver critical security updates. This enables and simplifies large-scale Commercial IoT deployments, helping IoT teams to deliver increased business value while reducing time-to-market, complexity, and risk. We also offer pre-certified low-energy wireless modules to accelerate development for a variety of low-power wireless protocols, including BLE and 802.15.4. Rigado’s Solutions Engineering team engages with innovative clients and partners for custom design and development of Commercial IoT Solutions.

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