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We’re developing an open, global technology framework to support the automotive ecosystem as all cars become connected. In the future, connected cars will allow for safer driving, smoother traffic flows, and optimization of energy consumption. This will produce lower emissions, which altogether will significantly improve the driving experience resulting in an environmental benefit. Join us out here on the cutting edge.

The purpose of AECC is to drive the needed evolution of network architectures and computing infrastructures to accommodate the automotive big data in a smarter and more efficient fashion.

The mission is to build an ecosystem comprising of mobile communication industry leaders; big data cloud and analytics service providers; and leading automotive industry players through the following activities. Development of use cases and requirements for connected services for emerging mobile devices, with a particular focus on automobiles (drones, robots, and other vehicles will be examined in the future). The consortium will develop technical reports and white papers designed to inform relevant standards and open-source communities. These white papers will examine best practices for deploying distributed and layered computing infrastructure, which is comprised of public and private clouds, telecom networks, and mobile devices. In addition, the papers will examine uses cases and the requirements needed to help accelerate their deployment. For more information about the AECC and its membership benefits, please visit

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