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Cloudflare announces new suite for data protection

Cloudflare announces new suite for data protection

Cloudflare has unveiled Cloudflare One for data protection, a suite that aims to ensure the security of data spanning the web, SaaS and private applications. Built on Cloudflare’s global network, the suite is designed to address modern coding risks and the growing use of AI.

The Cloudflare One platform integrates various security services, including Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) and cloud email security into a single centralized system. This unification simplifies security management for organizations, the company claims.

According to James Chang, Cloudfare’s senior product marketing manager, data risks are rising, with three key concerns standing out.

First, the increasing diversity of cloud and SaaS environments makes them prime targets for data exfiltration. Second, using emerging AI tools like ChatGPT raises worries about sharing sensitive information. Lastly, source code exposure or theft poses a significant threat, especially on developer platforms like GitHub.

As these risks converge, Chang says that companies often limit the use of specific tools and technologies. Current DLP services also struggle to mitigate these modern risks due to their complexity and potential for negative user experiences. The increasing demands for compliance with data privacy laws also add to the challenge.

According to the company, its Cloudflare One for Data Protection suite offers solutions for mitigating data risks. As highlighted by Chang, one such solution involves securing business data in AI environments through browser isolation. This approach prevents sensitive information from being inadvertently copied into AI tools, offering enhanced protection and confidentiality.

The company says that Cloudflare One also assists with regaining control over data exposure risks in app environments, ensuring compliance with data regulations, and adopting a comprehensive Zero Trust security posture.

Chang emphasizes that Cloudflare’s suite not only simplifies connectivity but also provides versatile options for traffic enforcement. This encompasses API-based scans to identify misconfigurations and sensitive data within SaaS applications.

According to Chang, the suite’s programmable network architecture also allows the rapid development of new functionalities and integration of new security standards. This flexibility enables Cloudflare to evolve alongside evolving data protection needs, such as AI code protection.

As Chang further explains, it also allows for deploying AI and machine learning models for accurate detections across various network locations.

This year, Cloudflare was recognized as a Leader in three independent research reports for its Cloudflare One technology. These reports included Forrester Wave: Enterprise Email Security, IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Zero Trust Network Access and Network Edge Security as a Service Vendor Assessments.

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