Cloudflare adds new regional delivery options

Cloudflare adds new regional delivery options

Cloudflare Inc., a provider of edge security and content delivery services, is adding new options for customers needing control over data flows for regulatory and other reasons. The new regional services option will provide a new option for traffic control as customer traffic moves into and out of the company’s 200-plus points of presence.

Regional Services is an option that, as the name suggests, gives customers the ability to restrict how their traffic is serviced on the Cloudflare network via pre-defined regions.

According to Cloudflare, traffic is ingested on their global Anycast network at the location closest to the client and then passed to data centers inside the geographic region of the customer’s choice. TLS keys are only stored and used to handle traffic inside that region.

“This gives our customers the benefit of our huge, low-latency, high-throughput network, capable of withstanding even the largest DDoS attacks, while also giving them local control: only data centers inside a customer’s preferred geographic region will have the access necessary to apply security policies,” the company said.

Data flows on the Cloudflare networks based on region controls
(Figure 1: Data flows on the Cloudflare networks based on region controls. Source: Cloudflare)

Any user requesting content from a Cloudflare customer will have requests directed to a nearby data center which is used to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks. Cloudflare’s other security services, including WAF and Bot Management, also run at the edge to mitigate security issues. Access policies are applied for customers using Regional Services, routing customers to POPs in a specified region.

Cloudflare noted that the launch includes preconfigured geographic regions, with immediate availability of US and EU regions; additional regions are under consideration based on customer demand.

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