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ClearBlade integration with IBM Maximo to tap into device data for asset life prediction

ClearBlade integration with IBM Maximo to tap into device data for asset life prediction

ClearBlade has announced an edge-integration with the IBM Maximo Application Suite of enterprise asset management products. This integration is designed to allow critical data gathered at the edge and processed by ClearBlade’s Intelligent Assets Application to be bidirectionally used with IBM Maximo including anomaly detection and asset life prediction artificial intelligence as well as visualization of data.

The integration with Maximo is designed to enable enterprises in asset intensive industries to maximize their existing investments in Enterprise Asset Management software by bringing near-real time IoT and Edge data into their primary systems of record. The Intelligent Assets Application will have the ability to take command and control actions based on sensor data and also add additional context to assets being used by the business.

ClearBlade Intelligent Assets is an Edge Native Application with a no-code interface that is designed to help operational teams define and work with technology on their terms. Intelligent Assets is capable of running on multiple field gateways and can connect to a variety of devices, including new greenfield devices such as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors or existing brownfield devices like programmable logic controllers. The flexible rules engine is designed to allow enterprises in industries such as rail, aviation, chemical processing, manufacturing and energy to connect and give operational teams the control to set their perimeters and scale the system to their needs without relying on development or engineering teams.

“The powerful combination of ClearBlade, integrated with IBM Maximo, provides a cloud-first approach that is ideal for many IOT use cases including asset tracking, smart monitoring, real time location and maintenance,” explains Joe Berti, Vice President, IBM AI Apps. “Together they allow insights to be processed, analyzed and stored when and where they are needed most.”

Clearblade solutions can be deployed with IBM Edge Application Manager to help run applications where data is being created — at the edge. As compute capability spans beyond the office desk to the cloud and on-site locations, ClearBlade is working to simplify the deployment of applications to a host of industrial and gateway computers. IBM Edge Application Manager, which runs on Red Hat OpenShift, was engineered to addresses this challenge by helping companies deploy applications like ClearBlade Intelligent Assets directly onto devices in critical use cases such as maritime vessels, smart buildings and cities, connected factories, smart rail stations and oil wells.

“By integrating ClearBlade’s Intelligent Assets application with IBM’s Maximo enterprise asset management software, our clients will be able to connect multiple assets in their enterprise to their existing asset management system in near-real time,” said Eric Simone CEO of ClearBlade. “We believe that by giving operational business units the freedom and control to customize their solutions without needing to involve IT is a huge step forward, allowing them to digitize their businesses to help provide a clearer picture of what is happening in the field.”

ClearBlade Intelligent Assets shares critical IoT sensor and device data with Maximo to provide transparency and help enable companies to react faster to business needs. IBM Maximo provides industry leading capabilities for managing assets that include optimizing maintenance scheduling, understanding where work is happening, what needs to be done, and understanding all the dependencies to help ensure equipment uptime. Enriching Maximo with edge-based data from ClearBlade Intelligent Assets will allow Maximo to present high volumes of information and inferences directly to users in existing processes in a highly meaningful way.

ClearBlade is part of the IBM’s partner ecosystem, collaborating with equipment manufacturers, networking, IT & software providers to implement open standards-based cloud solutions that can autonomously manage edge applications at scale.

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