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AI EdgeLabs and Barbara partner to boost edge security and deployment

AI EdgeLabs and Barbara partner to boost edge security and deployment

AI EdgeLabs and Barbara have announced a new partnership to enhance the security of clients using the Barbara Edge Orchestration platform. The collaboration integrates AI EdgeLabs’ cybersecurity solutions with Barbara’s platform, with the goal of streamlining activation and deployment processes for industrial edges and IoT assets.

According to the company, the integration allows for easy management of deployments through Barbara’s edge management panel, ensuring scalable maintenance cycles for edge security products.

Inna Ushakova, CEO of AI EdgeLabs, states: “Our partnership with Barbara and integration with the Barbara platform represents a significant advancement in edge cybersecurity. By combining our strengths, we can deliver a robust, efficient, and sustainable security solution that meets the unique needs of companies like Cuerva.”

AI EdgeLabs claims its agents use minimal resources, requiring a few hundred megabytes of RAM and less than 5 percent CPU on average, aligning with Cuerva’s sustainability goals. Additionally, the agents provide continuous protection even without constant cloud connectivity, in a bid to ensure security in remote or challenging environments through local or air-gapped setups.

David Purón, CEO of Barbara, adds: “This strategic collaboration allows us to provide an extra layer of edge security, reinforcing our commitment to helping our customers comply with stringent security standards such as IEC-62443. Barbara’s native cybersecurity, combined with the AI-driven solutions of AI EdgeLabs, is an unparalleled combination for safely deploying edge applications in mission-critical operations.”

By leveraging edge computing, AI EdgeLabs also enables local data processing, reducing reliance on the cloud and facilitating real-time threat detection and response. The solution uses up to 300MB of network traffic per month, minimizing bandwidth usage and ensuring efficient operations, the company notes.

This is not the only collaboration venture AI EdgeLabs has announced this year. Recently, edge computing provider Scale Computing partnered with AI EdgeLabs to create an edge computing platform that provides real-time threat detection, monitoring, and scalability with fleet management.

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