Adlink MEC edge server comes Nvidia-approved for AI

Adlink MEC edge server comes Nvidia-approved for AI

ADLINK Technology Inc. announced that its multi-access edge computing server, MECS-7210, is now officially validated as an ‘NGC-Ready’ computing platform. In a configuration with two NVIDIA Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs, MECS-7210 has been tested for functionality and performance of easy to deploy AI frameworks for machine learning and deep learning.

“NGC-Ready validation of the MECS-7210 helps our customers across industries accelerate their AI-enabled application deployments at the edge,” says Julian Ye, ADLINK’s director of networking and communications. “In the case of telecom for instance, customers can bring AI to advance an array of applications – from 5G Open RAN to edge datacenters, private networks, and MEC – they will benefit from continuously refined AI frameworks from NVIDIA to address new opportunities and challenges with optimal performance, maximum system utility and a great ROI.”

The NGC-Ready validation process included extensive testing on the MECS-7210 for a wide range of applications for on-premise, cloud and edge deployments. ADLINK’s validated MECS-7210 can help customers leverage the extensive range of GPU-accelerated software available for real-time intelligent decision making. Customers can easily migrate workflow compute environments including both hybrid and multi-cloud implementations, run software on bare metal servers or on virtualized environments, and maximize utilization of GPUs and portability. The validation also gives customers direct access to enterprise-grade support from NVIDIA where they can leverage continuously optimized frameworks with the latest features.

ADLINK’s validated MECS-7210 can also help speed time-to-market of AI-based applications and services across many industries including telecommunications, smart cities, retail, manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and healthcare.

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