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It is time to change how networking is done and delivered. Volta Networks provides a product that turns around networking as we know it.

Networks are at a tipping point. IP networks, now, are the foundations for a new generation of services and connectivity. The whole infrastructure is becoming virtual, smaller, shorter lived and more dynamic. As a result, the number of network connections requested is massively increasing, placing unprecedented stress on data networks and network equipment.

Volta Networks is about to change all this. With the Volta Networks solution, customers will now be able to purchase commercially available low cost, high performance switch hardware known as white box switching. This is made possible by the Volta Networks Control Platform software, running either on the customer’s private cloud, or on the Public or Hybrid cloud. This enables customers to build large networking infrastructures that provide unparalleled levels of flexibility and scalability. Our customers can ride the wave of network forwarding platform enhancements, while maintaining a stable and robust software infrastructure, independent of the networking hardware itself. For more information, visit

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