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Tiny Containers for IoT & Edge Applications

Nubix is a container platform that makes it easy to develop and deploy IoT and edge applications. Nubix runs on the tiniest compute devices (both MCUs and MPUs), enabling developers to easily process data on the sensor device where the data is created.

EXPEDITE DEPLOYMENT WITH TINY CONTAINERS – Traditionally, updates to microcontrollers have required replacing the entire firmware, a risky process that sometimes “bricks”​ devices. Nubix eliminates that risk with tiny containers, whose code is independent from the operating system reducing risk and speeding up release processes. ​

ANALYZE DATA AT THE EDGE – Common edge architectures aren’t really edge at all, instead forcing developers to transport data to the cloud for processing. Nubix’s edge-native architecture enables processing data on the devices where data is created, eliminating latency and overhead associated with networking & cloud processing. Nubix is built on open source technologies so you are not locked into proprietary languages and libraries, but instead can use open source libraries.

SENSORIZE YOUR APPLICATIONS – Reading data from sensors requires low-level services like access to an I2C bus and GPIO pins. Unfortunately, besides being challenging to develop in C/C++, sensor code is often not portable across platforms. Nubix’s out-of-the-box library of sensors provides platform-independent modules for develop-once, deploy anywhere capabilities with many sensors from accelerometers to VOC detectors. ​

EDGIFY DEVELOPMENT WITH TINY SERVICES – Edge and IoT applications often need to communicate with gateways and cloud-based applications, but developing stable code for caching and reliable communications can be time consuming and error-prone. Nubix accelerates application development with pre-programmed services that can easily be added to applications to provide: – Store and forward buffers – Local data storage – Automated coalescing of data. For more information, visit

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Nubix nabs $2.7m funding for real-time edge OS, targets industrial applications

Nubix announced it has closed $2.7 million in seed financing led by Tuscan Management with strategic investment from Chevron Technology…

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