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As the aircraft’s wheels touch the tarmac, you turn on your mobile device and within seconds you are making calls or browsing the web. The expectation of connectivity for voice or data is exactly the same as with the utilities that provide us gas and electricity. You turn it on and it’s there. Instantaneous access with full mobility for millions of subscribers. Every time, anytime, anyplace. Done!

Not quite the case for Cloud Computing yet… It takes an inordinate amount of time for virtual machines(VMs) to be instantiated and to be connected to the network. Worse, the reliability of the network is atrocious. And mobility? Limited with many network restrictions that renders it useless. If the network can’t make the VMs available instantaneously when you need them, there is no cloud. If the network can’t provide unfettered, boundary less mobility, there is no cloud. If the network can’t be provisioned dynamically and instantaneously for each tenant based on their SLA, there is no cloud. Bottom line: The consumption of compute and network is far from approaching the reliability and availability of wireline and mobile networks. At Nuage Networks, we intend to change that. For more information, visit

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