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MOBODEXTER’s innovative IoT Platform PAASMER has been designed to provide the end to end capability to enterprise looking to build IoT products/solutions effectively and efficiently.

Our philosophy is to make new technology reachable to masses by challenging the status quo with leading innovative mobile software solutions

MoboDexter Products

– MoboDexter has been designing several products in the IOT domain with the security as the underlying foundation.

– These products are build grounds up and includes the complete stack of hardware and software layers with IP based technology involving bio-metrics, software algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

– Our road-map covers product lines ranging from Home Automation, Home Security, Banking, Automotive and Healthcare verticals.

– The first will be on Smart Home Automation & Security launching in Early 2016.

– We differentiate ourselves from the products in the market on the following four dimensions: Smart : User aware, Secure : Real Time AI based authentication, Simple : User experience, Cost : User affordable.

MoboDexter Technology Services:

– We offer product engineering services to leading semiconductor clients in the embedded space ranging from hardware to firmware and in software space that includes mobility, cloud and analytic services. Our clients in this space includes some of the Top MNCs Visit our site for more information –

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